Packing Tips

Packing: The basic rule is to pack light – or – upon returning home, you will see all of those shoes and other clothing you didn’t wear but dragged around 4 countries! Bring dark colored clothing with you on your travels. Keep your clothing smelling fresh by putting a fabric softener in your luggage. Check with the airlines to make sure you are meeting their baggage requirements. Some airlines are very strict and some are a bit more lenient. It may impress the neighbors to see all the places you’ve been but remove any previous destination tags from luggage. You don’t want your luggage going to one of your previous destinations. Place some kind of identifying mark on your luggage, like a red ribbon – it will help you recognize your luggage when it is on the carousel. Spend some money on a luggage cart or use a sky cap – save wear and tear on your suitcases, as well as your body!



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