Booking Info Page

I know that many of you want to book your own vacations, flights and excursions, so we have created this “Book It Yourself” page to give you access to some great booking and informational tools.


I even use these tools to check prices and compare them to the prices I can get on the travel agent pages to make sure that I get the best prices for myself as well as my clients.


If you want to check air fares on your own, here are a couple of useful links. Links for Fare Buzz, Expedia and Kayak can be found below. Fare Buzz is a great online resource for booking your own flights. Kayak is a great link for locating hotels, car rentals as well as flights. Kayak will generally take you to a third party site such as Cheap Tickets, Priceline, Expedia, etc… to make the purchase.


A very important thing to keep in mind!!!  Do your price checking incognito.Have you ever noticed that if you go back to check a flight that the prices are higher than they were when you first checked?  The airlines are using cookies to remember what you were searching for and jack up the prices the second time you visit. There is a way around this: do your searches incognito.

Here’s how to go incognito, and it’s very simple:

  • With Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, hit “Command”  “Shift” “P”or “Ctrl” “Shift” “P” if using a PC
  • With Safari or Google Chrome, hit Command, Shift, “N” or “Ctrl,Shift N” if using a PC

This trick opens a new browser window where your info is not saved. Just be sure to close the window completely when you are finished.


One more thing to keep in mind.
If you want to be able to alter an itinerary to extend a layover so that you can spend the day in Paris or one of your other stop-over points, give us a call and we can book your trip for you.

As an example, on our trip to South Africa, we will spend a full day in Zurich on the way to South Africa and an overnight in Paris on our way home. Plenty of time to get away from the airport and take the train to town.  


Don’t you just hate it when you have a 4-5 hour layover and you just have to sit at the airport and wait for your flight. We can build an itinerary that may give you the flexibility to stretch your legs and see some sights while you are waiting for a connecting flight.  Everything is cheaper if booked all together.  We cannot fix your itinerary after the fact,  so please call us first and we can give you some options and book your flights, hotel rooms, and excursions. 

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Here is another great link to check for flight delays. Check Flight Delay Status by Clicking Here

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