Trip Cancellation

When you travel, there may come a time when you have to cancel. Hopefully you followed your travel agent’s advise and purchased travel insurance. Maybe at least you used a travel credit card that provides for some level of trip cancellation insurance.

Either way, you will have to go through a process to submit a claim.  If the cancellation was because of a medical reason, they will want several documents, including a statement from the doctor regarding the reason for the cancellation. Generally, most insurance companies will want you to use their forms, but it is probably a good idea to get something from the doctor when they are treating you or your family member at the time of treatment just in case it is too difficult to get a statement later.

Here is a brief example of what you may face when you are dealing with your credit card or insurance company.

Documents Needed to Utilize Trip Cancellation Coverage:

  • Confirmation of the non-refundable amounts for the unused Common Carrier tickets, and/or travel vouchers;
  • Confirmation that the tickets were cancelled with the Common Carrier;
  • Copy of the travel itinerary showing the passenger names and ticket cost;
  • Confirmation of the reason for the trip cancellation; (Completed attached physician statement, confirmation of death of immediate family member or documentation confirming any other cause of loss);
  • Please complete and return the Trip Cancellation claim form attached below;
  • A copy of the cancellation or refund polices of the Common Carrier, Tour Operator, or Travel Supplier;
  • A copy of the credit card statement which shows that the purchase of the Common Carrier ticket was charged to your credit card; (We must be able to see the first six digits of the credit card number and the pre-printed accountholder name and address. However, for security purposes we suggest that you block or remove the remaining digits of your card number.).

Here is a link to a sample doctor’s statement. Sample Cancellation Statement From Doctor

If you are going to the doctor because you or one of your travelling partners is sick, make sure to take a copy with you when you meet with the doctor and ask the doctor to please fill out the form at the time of treatment if the doctor is recommending cancellation of your trip.

If you have to use a form that is specific to the insurance company, it may be much easier to take the completed form and the new form and ask the doctor to fill out the new form. They may not even have to pull their records to fill out the new form. You might even fill out the new form and just ask the doctor to compare the forms and sign the specific form needed by your insurance company. That may save both of you time.  I would bring a blank form as well, just in case the doctor wants to fill it out personally.